The Iconic Tower

In November 2019, Misr for Engineering Works inaugurated the tallest tower in Africa, coined the Iconic Tower, located in the Central Business District in the heart of Egypt’s new administrative capital. With that, the Iconic Tower subtly pulls the rug from the Carlton Center Tower, once considered the tallest tower in Africa.

The project comes in line with Egypt’s direction of making the new administrative capital a global city, boasting the most vital buildings in Africa and the Middle East. The 385 meters high Iconic Tower is considered a miracle by all engineering standards and is a symbol reflecting modern Egypt, just like the Pyramids and Sphinx symbolized ancient Egypt.

Misr for Engineering Works takes pride in being a contributing member to such world-class architecture encompassing high technologies with unprecedented implementation rates with the support of our single girder EOT handling 10 tons. That’s in addition to ensuring high levels of efficiency, adopting the latest methods and best practices, and factoring in security and safety. 

Supply & Installation of Cranes – Suez Canal Authority

With the beginning of 2020, in January, Misr for Engineering Works supplied and installed cranes for the construction of the new Suez Canal from Quantum 60 to Quantum 95 and expanded and deepened the branches of the Great Bitter Lakes by-passes and Ballah by-pass up to 37 kilometers, out of a total 72 km of project length.

The aim of the project was to create a canal parallel to the existing one to reap the maximum benefits from the present Canal and its by-passes while simultaneously doubling the longest parts of the waterway to facilitate traffics in both directions and reduce the waiting time for transiting ships and vessels.

The project is currently in the works and is set to be completed over a duration of one year, with Misr for Engineering Works bringing its 15-ton double girder EOT into effective action to maximize the competitiveness of the Suez Canal and excel its ranking and world classification due to the high safety rate achieved during transits.

Project 5000

Project 5000 is one of the largest construction projects in Egypt that Misr for Engineering Works takes pride in being part of, particularly since it’s part of Egypt’s New Administrative Capital.

Initiated in September 2020, Project 5000 aims to establish 5,000 housing units to accommodate more than 400,000 inhabitants, with the government allocating a significant investment from the state budget for the developmental and infrastructural needs of the mega-project.

To accommodate for the needs of the residents and due to the New Administrative Capital spanning over 1680,000 acres, equivalent to the size of Singapore, Misr for Engineering Works utilized five 5-ton monorails and put them into service.

City Centre Almaza

City Centre Almaza is undoubtedly one of the largest commercial centers in Egypt, recognized from the U.S. Green Building Council that promotes sustainability in building design, construction, and operation. In December 2017, Misr for Engineering Works successfully supported the 120-thousand square meters mall in building and construction works.

During the project, Misr for Engineering Works applied the latest technical solutions to enhance the design of the mall in a manner that contributes to achieving both a productive and sustainable environment.

With that, our top-notch 5-ton double girder EOT and 10-ton monorail were used to lay the foundations for the job, and we’re proud to have contributed to this highly environmental center. We’re ultimately proud that malls are undergoing such a significant transformation to focus on energy optimization.