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Electric Feeding System

Festoon System

We design and Supply the entire cable trolley system to support, guide, and protect both flat and round electric cables for data transfer and electrical power moving along the runway in order to provide continues electric supply for the crane

This type of cable trolleys can be used for any type of power supply.

We offer trolleys manufactured in polypropylene, zinc-plated steel, and stainless steel, in order to adapt our products to any working environment required by our client.

The different product ranges are grouped into the following families:

  • Zinc plated steel and aluminium ranges
  • Stainless steel range
  1. Beam
  2. Beam clip
  3. Cross arm support
  4. Track hanger
  5. Track profile
  6. Track joint
  7. End clamp
  8. Cable trolley
  9. Towing trolley
  10. End bumper stop
  11. Protection
  12. Cable clamp
  13. Cable