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We promised you a turnkey service, and we commit to that. After we ensure your satisfaction with the manufacturing and testing process of the lifting products you required, we spare you the hassle of installation. Misr for Engineering Works provides full on-site crane installation services where our crane engineers fit everything into place and make sure they are fully ready and safe to operate.


We perceive maintenance services as the most crucial of all. It is one of the services that empower our crane products to be long-lasting. Based on that perception, we always commit ourselves to have a devoted team for specialized maintenance services for all kinds of overhead cranes. Whenever you need maintenance services, our team is one call away.

Spare Parts

One of the services we are persistent in maintaining is our spare parts store. Misr for Engineering Works has an integrated spare parts storage that contains any piece of equipment you may ever need. Our wide variety of spare parts includes, but is not limited to:

After-Sale Support

We never hit and run. Our relationship with our clients does not end with the end of the contract. Instead, it is a relationship that lasts as long as our businesses last. After innovating, manufacturing, testing, installing, and guaranteeing your products’ durability, we backbone you with life-long support. We function as your cranes' consultant and supporter who you run to when confronted with any challenges.

Our Clients

Happy Clients We Proudly Serve