Suez Thermal Power Plant

Commencing in February 2016, the Suez Thermal Power Plant was among the most important energy production projects at its time. Misr for Engineering Works was responsible for the main lifting equipment required for the establishment of the thermal power plant.

The project was to include a 1 x 650 MW steam thermal power plant to be interconnected with the National Unified Power System (NUPS) through a 220 KV GIS switchyard. The power plant is presently capable of generating rated capacity by utilizing natural gas, mazout oil, or both, and the station’s arrangement includes an enclosed turbine building, an open boiler one, a control room, and all related structures and facilities.

Misr for Engineering Works was involved in the survey works, general site adjustments, construction of temporary works, feeding and drainage connections to the project, among others, where our 40-ton double girder EOT successfully increased the productivity and longevity for the project.

El Burullus Power Plant – Combined Cycle Power Plant 4800mw

El Burullus Power Plant Project, conducted in 2016, was one of the most important mega-projects in decades at the time of its happening. For Misr for Engineering Works, it was the biggest supply for GH cranes offshore in the company’s history.

As is the norm for many countries in the MENA region, Egypt’s power supply has been facing some reliability issues and unplanned power outages due to the population’s increased demand. Accordingly, the Egyptian government aimed to develop a reliable and sustainable power supply by designing, supplying, and delivering three combined cycle power plants in Beni Suef, New Capital, and Burullus.

Utilizing Misr for Engineering Works’ four 200, 30, and 12.5-ton double girder EOTs; four 140, 25, and 10-ton double girder EOTS; and twelve 10- and 12.5-ton single girder EOTs, the 4.8-GW combined cycle power plants project came to life in a record-setting time of 27.5 months from financial closure.