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West Damietta Conversion Power Plant

Project Summary

West Damietta’s Conversion Power Plant Project, debuted in April 2017, is a key station converting simple-cycle electricity generation into a combined-cycle power plant in Egypt using both a gas and steam turbine together. During this project, Misr for Engineering Works was delightfully catering to the Egyptian government itself.

The project was a consortium with General Electric, where we together converted the existing simple cycle power plant into a combined-cycle one with an additional capacity of 250 MW to the then available 500 MW.

With the establishment of this power plant, the plant produces 50% more electricity using the same amount of fuel than it did when it was a simple-cycle plan, with the waste heat being routed to the nearby steam turbine and generating further power. Due to the project being a significantly heavy-duty one, Misr for Engineering Works brought into service the infamous 85-ton double girder EOT.

Project Info


Power Plants

Date excuted:

april 2017


One of the most important stations that convert electricity generation into combined cycle in Egypt.


Summary of Supplies

Double Girder EOT
85 ton
Single Girder EOT
Jib Crane
Gantry Crane