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New Capital Water Treatment Plan

Project Summary

With several projects in Egypt’s New Administrative Capital underway, Misr for Engineering Works was a constituent in one of the Capital’s main water supply projects in June 2020 involving the extension of three water lines, a water pumping station, and a water station feeding the capital.


Mainly, the New Capital water treatment plant project also involves desalination and wastewater treatment systems to serve the plant water demand of high purity, demineralized water needed for the HRSG feed and the 3 million people who will live in the city. Additionally, city water is supplied via a pipeline to feed the water treatment system.


During the project, Misr for Engineering Works applied its experience to develop advanced wastewater treatment networks merged with the support of three double-girder EOTS to ensure the adequate delivery of drinking water to the New Capital.

Project Info


Water treatment plant

Date excuted:

june 2020


One of the national projects to deliver drinking water to new capital.


Summary of Supplies

Double Girder EOT
10 ton
Single Girder EOT
Jib Crane
Gantry Crane