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Matrouh Water Station

Project Summary

In February 2018, Misr for Engineering Works efficiently participated in putting an end to the acute problem the Matrouh Governorate has been facing with regard to the shortage of drinking water, particularly during the summer season.

The Matrouh Water Station project was a water treatment plan offering desalination of seawater in coastal cities, since the cost of purifying and transporting the Nile’s water to Matrouh (which was the initial solution) is more expensive than desalination. Presently, the production volume of the desalination plant can go up to 24 thousand cubic meters per day.

For the project, Misr for Engineering Works supplied two of its 5-ton single-girder EOT and three 2-ton monorail to successfully support the establishment of desalination plants in Marsa Matrouh city. Thankfully, that ended the problem of shortage. Today, the station provides 90 thousand cubic meters per day combined and perseveres even during the peak times of the summer season. 

Project Info


Water treatment plant - desalination

Date excuted:

february 2018


One of the important national projects to solve the problem of drinking water shortage.


Summary of Supplies

Double Girder EOT
Single Girder EOT
5 ton
2 ton
Jib Crane
Gantry Crane