New Cairo Water Intake Project

During the first quarter of 2019, Misr for Engineering Works was hard at work in New Cairo’s Water Intake Project, involving instituting a full water treatment plan that is today considered the largest in the Middle East.

Encompassing boosters, pumping stations, transmission lines, and the water treatment plant itself, the scheme required a tremendous number of resources to come about, among which were Misr for Engineering Works’ steel cantilevers along with runway beams that were supplied and installed for cranes.

Over and above that, our infamous 5-ton and 10-ton double girder EOTs were heavily involved in the process to ensure greater capacity and lifespan for the project. That was all with a goal of continuously and effectively supply water to around 5 million residents in New Cairo and the Administrative New Capital.

Mostakbal City Water Treatment Plant

Starting off 2020 on a high note, Misr for Engineering Works was a major contributor to bringing Mostakbal City’s water treatment plant to life and ensuring its performance longevity.

The city, distinguished by its strategic location between New Cairo and Madinaty, is home to nearly 1.25 million people and aims to reduce city congestion. Since it encompasses several residential compounds, the services and facilities needed to be optimal, and on top of that list was water treatment. That’s where Misr for Engineering Works came in with three 5-ton double girder EOTs, serving as a key component to the utmost efficiency of the city to date.

Hyde Park Water Treatment Plant

In early 2020, during February, Misr for Engineering Works took on a significant role in one of Egypt’s major residential projects – Hyde Park, endorsing the establishment of its water treatment plan with a seal of quality.

Providing the means for Hyde Park to cater to the needs of residents and supply them with a home like no other free of worries, including water, Misr for Engineering Works’ support came in the form of a 3.2-ton, solid and rigid single girder EOT, suitable for usage both indoors and outdoors in a compact form that suits a 1,500-acre living community.

Al-Qalaj Lifting Station

Al-Qalaj Lifting Station is one of Misr for Engineering Works’ sanitation projects, established to solve the water shortage crisis in a large number of villages in Al-Qalaj.

The station serves 400,000 citizens from different areas and the plant operates with a dynamic sand filter system that is the second largest station in the republic.

Misr for Engineering Works’ 8-ton double girder EOT worked its magic during the project, enabling it to operate as planned to date and producing 1450,000 cubic meters per day using the DynaSand filter technology from the city of Khanka and its villages.

New Capital Water Treatment Plan

With several projects in Egypt’s New Administrative Capital underway, Misr for Engineering Works was a constituent in one of the Capital’s main water supply projects in June 2020 involving the extension of three water lines, a water pumping station, and a water station feeding the capital.


Mainly, the New Capital water treatment plant project also involves desalination and wastewater treatment systems to serve the plant water demand of high purity, demineralized water needed for the HRSG feed and the 3 million people who will live in the city. Additionally, city water is supplied via a pipeline to feed the water treatment system.


During the project, Misr for Engineering Works applied its experience to develop advanced wastewater treatment networks merged with the support of three double-girder EOTS to ensure the adequate delivery of drinking water to the New Capital.

Matrouh Water Station

In February 2018, Misr for Engineering Works efficiently participated in putting an end to the acute problem the Matrouh Governorate has been facing with regard to the shortage of drinking water, particularly during the summer season.

The Matrouh Water Station project was a water treatment plan offering desalination of seawater in coastal cities, since the cost of purifying and transporting the Nile’s water to Matrouh (which was the initial solution) is more expensive than desalination. Presently, the production volume of the desalination plant can go up to 24 thousand cubic meters per day.

For the project, Misr for Engineering Works supplied two of its 5-ton single-girder EOT and three 2-ton monorail to successfully support the establishment of desalination plants in Marsa Matrouh city. Thankfully, that ended the problem of shortage. Today, the station provides 90 thousand cubic meters per day combined and perseveres even during the peak times of the summer season. 

Al Yousr Seawater Reverse Osmosis desalination plant

In September 2016, Misr for Engineering Works successfully played a vital part in constructing the first mega SWRO of its kind in Egypt, Al Yousr SWRO. 

Al Yousr SWRO was launched by the Egyptian Government as an integrated solution for the potable water shortage crisis in the city of Hurghada. It utilizes two pass systems with a total capacity of 80000 m3/day, a capacity that’s sufficient enough to serve a population of +500,000 residents. 

Misr for Engineering Works was responsible for the successful execution of the lifting processes for the whole project. What makes our work stand out in terms of quality and speed was our 30+ meters span double girder crane in two parts connected with our own design for bolted connection. 

Beside that, we utilize our Double girder EOT with capacity up to 10 tons, our Single Girder EOT with capacity up to 5 tons, and other supporting lifting equipment that were – all together –  key factors for the project progress.