EL Gharbya Station

No doubt that the Governorate of Gharbia is witnessing great development in its service projects, especially Wastewater Treatment Plants.

In the past couple of months, the concerned authorities implemented a Wastewater Treatment Plant in Gharbia to raise the efficiency of water purification, with a design capacity of 460,000 m³/day which operates with a dual treatment system and will increase its capacity by 350,000 m³/day.

MISR For Engineering Works has effectively supported this project with its premium cranes as follows:
🏗 4 x 16 Ton Double Girder Cranes

Agricultural Wastewater Treatment Plant Project Hammam Area – Stations 11 & 12

Continuing with the construction and progress of water treatment plants, MISR for Engineering Works gladly took part in the Agricultural sector development.

Our top notch GH Electric Wire Hoist helped in the establishment of the biggest wastewater treatment plant in the Hammam area (Stations 11 and 12) as follows:
1 x 32 TON Double Girder Crane
2 x 5 TON Monorail Cranes
2 x 5 TON Gantry Cranes

On behalf of our entire team, we would like to pay tribute to our late colleague Mr. Mostafa Mahmoud and wish his family courage and strength.

New Mansoura Desalination Plant

New Mansoura Desalination Plant

The FIRST desalination plant for drinking water in the Delta region is finally up and running, supplying the entire city of New Mansoura with more than 160 thousand m3 per day of high-quality drinking water.

Like no other in Egypt, the whole process of desalination is done automatically using the latest technologies without any human intervention, so the construction required efficient and sophisticated equipment, just like ours;

One 2.5-ton Single Electric Overhead Crane
Two 3.2-ton Single Electric Overhead Cranes
One 8-ton Single Electric Overhead Crane

6th October Water Treatment Plant

In light of achieving sustainable development and fulfillment of further needs, we are happy to announce our participation with a 10 Ton Electric Double Girder Overhead crane in the establishment of a very crucial Water Treatment Plant in 6th of October City.

Stay on hold, we’ve got much more!

Al Hammam Water Treatment Plant

Proudly, MISR for Engineering Works has significantly taken part in launching the New Delta project, specifically the establishment of El-Hammam Water Treatment Plant with a 7,500,000 M3/day capacity.

Our superior lifting equipment has contributed in this huge venture with the following:

● 104 x Jib cranes – various capacities
● 12 x 10 Ton Single-girder cranes
● 5 x 3.2 Ton Single-girder cranes
● 1 x 16 Ton Double-girder crane

This New Delta project is aiming to provide many solutions to overpopulation and unemployment, as well as reclaiming agricultural lands and compensating the loss of overbuilding.

We’re extremely glad with this collaboration and the level of professionalism our entity provides.

New Mansoura

From a cornerstone to a new urban community, New Mansoura is one of the largest modern housing projects being constructed on the Mediterranean Coast, and one Misr for Engineering Works takes pride in being a part of.

Laying the foundation stones for the construction of the city’s water treatment plant, we dispensed a number of our signature products: one 10-ton double girder EOT coupled with one 1.6-ton, two 5-ton, two 2-ton, and two 1-ton single girder EOTs. The plant officially came to life this month.

Infrastructure of the City of Galala

Continuing to advocate and contribute to the most important mega-national projects Egypt leads, in February 2020, we were gratified to observe the execution of Galala City’s infrastructure. Presently, Galala City is a hub for both internal and external tourism, deeming a solid water treatment plant essential.

Misr for Engineering Works’ reinforcement and assistance came in the form of three 5-ton and one 10-ton double girder EOTs, accompanied by a 2-ton monorail and 1-ton jib crane. Together, the resources pave the way for the city to become a full-fledged one, blooming with natural resources.

Al-Arish SWRO Plant

This month, Misr for Engineering Works witnessed the execution of one of the major national-level projects it got involved with; Al-Arish SWRO Plant – today recognized as one of the largest desalination plants in Al-Arish. A globally unique sea desalination plant, it operates at a capacity of 10,000 m3/day.

In our part, we secured a large quantity of needed top-tier equipment, including three 5-ton, one 10-ton, 12.5-ton, and 16-ton double girder EOTs along with two 3.2-ton, one 2-ton, and one 5-ton single girder EOTs. Our 3.2-ton curved monorail was further supplied for its ability to navigate various work centers.


New Cairo Water Intake Project

During the first quarter of 2019, Misr for Engineering Works was hard at work in New Cairo’s Water Intake Project, involving instituting a full water treatment plan that is today considered the largest in the Middle East.

Encompassing boosters, pumping stations, transmission lines, and the water treatment plant itself, the scheme required a tremendous number of resources to come about, among which were Misr for Engineering Works’ steel cantilevers along with runway beams that were supplied and installed for cranes.

Over and above that, our infamous 5-ton and 10-ton double girder EOTs were heavily involved in the process to ensure greater capacity and lifespan for the project. That was all with a goal of continuously and effectively supply water to around 5 million residents in New Cairo and the Administrative New Capital.

Mostakbal City Water Treatment Plant

Starting off 2020 on a high note, Misr for Engineering Works was a major contributor to bringing Mostakbal City’s water treatment plant to life and ensuring its performance longevity.

The city, distinguished by its strategic location between New Cairo and Madinaty, is home to nearly 1.25 million people and aims to reduce city congestion. Since it encompasses several residential compounds, the services and facilities needed to be optimal, and on top of that list was water treatment. That’s where Misr for Engineering Works came in with three 5-ton double girder EOTs, serving as a key component to the utmost efficiency of the city to date.