Cairo Metro Line 3 – Phase 4b

MISR For Engineering Works has previously assisted in the upgrading of the Egyptian underground railways, and we will proudly continue its development with our full potential.

Gladly, we contributed to the establishment of Cairo Metro Line 3, Phase 4B using our 5 Ton Overhead Crane.

Overhead Crane (10/5 TON) for Railway Company

We at MISR for Engineering Works believe in the necessity of constant improvement, and one of our core priorities is to achieve excellence in every key initiative project.
With extreme pride, we announce our involvement in the upgrading of our Egyptian underground railways tractors, as we supported this evolution by supplying it with the remarkable 10/5 ton double girder overhead crane.
Egyptian Railways is the backbone of passenger transportation with 800 million passenger miles annually, and undoubtedly one of the essential pillars in the Egyptian industry.

Port Said Tunnels

Port Said Tunnels are among the significant national projects facilitating the movement of containers and encouraging the establishment of factories in East Port Said. In October 2020, three tunnels were majorly underway under the Suez Canal in Port Said.

Misr for Engineering Works contributed with its 1.5 and 2-ton monorails in the drilling and construction work. With a cost exceeding 18 billion pounds for the projects, two of the tunnels are for cars, while the third tunnel is for the railway, aiming to cross trains to connect the east and west of the canal.

Greater Cairo Metro – Line 3 – Phase 4B

The Greater Cairo Metro Line 3 – Phase 4B came about as a result of the first Egyptian joint project between different contractors and constructors, among which was Misr for Engineering Works, to comprehensively benefit from the various experiences in the metro execution field.

Executed in October 2020, the project consists of six overground stations with seven bridges connecting them. Employing Misr for Engineering Works’ 10 and 15-ton double girder EOTs along with 2, 5, 6.3, and 1-ton single girder EOTs, the maintenance work of this project is the largest in Africa to date. That is all in accordance with international standards of safety, quality, and environment.

Under the supervision of the Egyptian joint venture and collaboration which Misr for Engineering Works is a member of, signaling, telecommunication, high voltage stations and electromechanical equipment are today being implemented by French subcontractors.

Zagazig’s Shed

Egypt has been relentlessly working to develop crossways, railway lengths, rails, signals, fleet of vehicles tractors, stations, close crossings to improve facilities for citizens and put an end to illegal crossroads that lead to train accidents. In January 2015, Misr for Engineering Works underwent a roads and bridges construction-related project, titled Zagazig’s Shed.

The Zagazig Shed’s project was established for storage and equipping and maintaining the new air-conditioned vehicles and storing the trains, while also being a source for workshops when needed. In its part, Misr for Engineering Works put to use its 20-ton double girder EOT and 75-ton double girder EOT.