Army Pipe Factory

Adding to our extensive portfolio of production facilities, Misr for Engineering Works is currently engaged in the establishment of a production facility for one of the top private companies for contracting and modern industries.

With the company’s specialization in executing complex projects and high-end commercial projects, we equally aligned our equipment with the company’s goals. With that being the case, we supported with the project with two of our 25-ton cranes, but we didn’t just stop at that.

Over and above that, we locally produced an exceptionally huge 40-ton, superb span 30m gantry crane for the project at our factory to cater to our clients’ aspirations rather than limiting ourselves to outsourcing a ready-made crane.

The outcome was a milestone for the company – a crane that’s capable of efficiently lifting the heaviest loads and facilitating a broad range of applications.

Private Factory for Pipes

With the unfaltering significance of pipe factories and the importance of ensuring that their production facilities are innovative and efficient, Misr for Engineering Works consistently supports the industry. In early 2020, we took part in the inception of a production facility for one of the largest contracting companies in Egypt.

Our contribution to the project came in the form of our prominent 4-ton single girder EOT with its optimized design and efficient energy consumption.


Private Factory for the Manufacture of Plastic Pipes

Just last month, Misr for Engineering Works embarked on the launch of a production facility for one of the leading companies for the manufacturing of plastic pipes in Egypt and the Arab region.

The company, associated with high-quality and excellence for its careful selection of the finest raw materials and its constant keenness to stay up to date with the latest production lines, sought Misr for Engineering Works for its international standards, and we gladly delivered.

During the project, we provided our one-of-its-kind, robust 16-ton double-girder EOT to cater to the needs of the production facility when it comes to the lifting of heavy loads on a constant basis.

Damietta 500/220/22 KV Substation Package

Continuously taking pride in participating in Egypt’s Projects Map implementation, Misr for Engineering Works recently witnessed the execution of the West Damietta 2 Power Station project.

Aiming to transform the West Damietta gas station to operate in a combined-cycle system, the project, implemented through condensed air-cooling technology, reduces natural gas consumption by 35% and supports the electrical network at large, enabling electrical nutrition for all citizens.

In our part, we supplied vital equipment for the project, namely our 5-ton double girder EOT and 5-ton single girder EOT for their low-maintenance costs yet safety and reliability for years to come.


New Mansoura

From a cornerstone to a new urban community, New Mansoura is one of the largest modern housing projects being constructed on the Mediterranean Coast, and one Misr for Engineering Works takes pride in being a part of.

Laying the foundation stones for the construction of the city’s water treatment plant, we dispensed a number of our signature products: one 10-ton double girder EOT coupled with one 1.6-ton, two 5-ton, two 2-ton, and two 1-ton single girder EOTs. The plant officially came to life this month.

Infrastructure of the City of Galala

Continuing to advocate and contribute to the most important mega-national projects Egypt leads, in February 2020, we were gratified to observe the execution of Galala City’s infrastructure. Presently, Galala City is a hub for both internal and external tourism, deeming a solid water treatment plant essential.

Misr for Engineering Works’ reinforcement and assistance came in the form of three 5-ton and one 10-ton double girder EOTs, accompanied by a 2-ton monorail and 1-ton jib crane. Together, the resources pave the way for the city to become a full-fledged one, blooming with natural resources.

Al-Arish SWRO Plant

This month, Misr for Engineering Works witnessed the execution of one of the major national-level projects it got involved with; Al-Arish SWRO Plant – today recognized as one of the largest desalination plants in Al-Arish. A globally unique sea desalination plant, it operates at a capacity of 10,000 m3/day.

In our part, we secured a large quantity of needed top-tier equipment, including three 5-ton, one 10-ton, 12.5-ton, and 16-ton double girder EOTs along with two 3.2-ton, one 2-ton, and one 5-ton single girder EOTs. Our 3.2-ton curved monorail was further supplied for its ability to navigate various work centers.


Private Factory for Electrical Transformers

Starting 2021 on a high note, Misr for Engineering Works took on a notably weighty role in the production facilities sector, supplying a private factory for electrical transformers with a wide variety of MFEW’s very own signature products.

The supplied equipment included one 5-ton double girder EOT, two 10-ton double girder EOTs, one 4-ton single girder EOT, and one 2-ton single EOT, all joining forces to support the manufacturing, production, and maintenance of electrical transformers with all their efforts and capabilities, including the manufacturing and maintenance of renewable energy.

Supporting Decent Life (Hayah Karima)


Contributing not only to the expansion and growth of businesses but also the betterment of society at large, Misr for Engineering Works proudly announcing its active participation in Egypt’s Decent Life (Hayah Karima) presidential initiative, aiming to provide a decent life for all Egypt’s citizens and eradicate poverty in Egypt’s neediest villages.

The project, targeting 1,500 Egyptian villages, seeks to renovate and remodel homes with subpar and unsafe living conditions to ensure decent housing for deprived families and improve the living stands of those most in need. As of 2021, Misr for Engineering Works has started catering to a high number of reliable hoisting units, well-engineered for residential use.

Private Sector Onshore Oil and Gas Services Company

In September 2015, a water bag test facility was constructed for a private company in the onshore oil and gas services sector, allowing for the economical use of water as a means of weight for load testing.

In its part, Misr for Engineering Works supplied the company with its unique 10-ton single girder EOT for the purpose of being lightweight and compact while simultaneously striking the balance of rigidity and durability.