Metro Project Line 3 Phase 3 – Imbaba workshop

2 Ton Single Girder crane 🏗

That was our contribution in the Cairo Metro Project Line 3 – Phase 3: Imbaba Workshop.

This participation includes the largest workshop in the Middle East and Africa with an area of 65 acres. In particular, the 3rd Phase is 7.1 KM long, with 5 stations along the way, and it runs from KitKat station to Cairo University.

We are really proud of our continuous involvement in the Egyptian Railway industry.

EL Gharbya Station

No doubt that the Governorate of Gharbia is witnessing great development in its service projects, especially Wastewater Treatment Plants.

In the past couple of months, the concerned authorities implemented a Wastewater Treatment Plant in Gharbia to raise the efficiency of water purification, with a design capacity of 460,000 m³/day which operates with a dual treatment system and will increase its capacity by 350,000 m³/day.

MISR For Engineering Works has effectively supported this project with its premium cranes as follows:
🏗 4 x 16 Ton Double Girder Cranes

Agricultural Wastewater Treatment Plant Project Hammam Area – Stations 11 & 12

Continuing with the construction and progress of water treatment plants, MISR for Engineering Works gladly took part in the Agricultural sector development.

Our top notch GH Electric Wire Hoist helped in the establishment of the biggest wastewater treatment plant in the Hammam area (Stations 11 and 12) as follows:
1 x 32 TON Double Girder Crane
2 x 5 TON Monorail Cranes
2 x 5 TON Gantry Cranes

On behalf of our entire team, we would like to pay tribute to our late colleague Mr. Mostafa Mahmoud and wish his family courage and strength.

Our Newly Expanded Factory in Inshas Area [Inshas Plant]

Today’s project is entirely different and indeed special to us!

We are thrilled to introduce you to MISR For Engineering Works’ latest extended factory located in Inshas, Sharkiya governorate.

This expansion will enable us to boost our labor efficiency and duplicate our manufacturing capacity, which will reflect greatly on our projects.

We definitely strive for better and we will always aim higher for the good of our services.

The New Administrative Capital

Nothing makes us prouder than taking part in significant projects that aim to raise our national economy and enforce our country’s development.

We are excited to share with you our participation in two water stations made specifically for the Ministry of Defense’s new headquarters (كيان 110 الحربي – وزارة الدفاع), located in The New Administrative Capital. 

We successfully supplied this project with our top-notch lifting equipment:

● Two 5 TON double electric overhead cranes

● Two 10 TON double electric overhead cranes

This smart city will definitely take our country to a whole new level by providing many opportunities for housing and employment.

New Mansoura Desalination Plant

New Mansoura Desalination Plant

The FIRST desalination plant for drinking water in the Delta region is finally up and running, supplying the entire city of New Mansoura with more than 160 thousand m3 per day of high-quality drinking water.

Like no other in Egypt, the whole process of desalination is done automatically using the latest technologies without any human intervention, so the construction required efficient and sophisticated equipment, just like ours;

One 2.5-ton Single Electric Overhead Crane
Two 3.2-ton Single Electric Overhead Cranes
One 8-ton Single Electric Overhead Crane

Port Said Shipyard

Nothing makes us feel more proud than taking part in projects that are being considered the lifeline in Egypt

One of these projects was the Port Said Shipyard in Nov 2020, one of the greatest and oldest shipyards in Egypt and the Middle East with a capacity of 20,000 tons! We have helped make history with our famous 45-ton Double girder EOT.

They say that the Titanic would have never sunk if it had been built in the Port Said Shipyard. Unlucky.

Stay tuned for our upcoming projects.

Black Sand Plant

MISR for Engineering Works is still at the forefront of the crane industry, as we have proudly made it to another Egyptian national screen.

We participated in one of the most resourceful projects in Egypt that started a while ago, and now it is officially handed over and ready to perform.

Our president Abdelfatah ElSisi has recently announced the opening of the Black Sand Plant (رمال من ذهب) which is an eco-friendly and supportive pillar to many national industries.

Our contribution came in the form of supplying:

1 x 10 TON single-girder overhead crane

1 x 5 TON single-girder overhead crane

2 x 5 TON hand chain hoists (geared)

3 x 5 TON electric hoists (wire rope)

15 x 1:3 TON manual chain hoists (block)

3 x 1.5:4.5 TON monorail electric hoists

33 x 0.5:1 TON chain blocks

Check out this video for more details about this huge facility:

6th October Water Treatment Plant

In light of achieving sustainable development and fulfillment of further needs, we are happy to announce our participation with a 10 Ton Electric Double Girder Overhead crane in the establishment of a very crucial Water Treatment Plant in 6th of October City.

Stay on hold, we’ve got much more!

Overhead Crane For New Manufacturing Plant

The steel industry is the mother of all other industries, as it contributes to our country’s economic development and its growth. And definitely when it comes to progress and prosperity, we’d love to take part.

That’s why we are thrilled to share with you our significant involvement in a brand-new manufacturing steel facility.

We provided this highly achieving project with one (8) ton of our superb double girder EOT overhead crane.

We are just getting started. Keep an eye out for more great projects to come!