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Army Pipe Factory

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Adding to our extensive portfolio of production facilities, Misr for Engineering Works is currently engaged in the establishment of a production facility for one of the top private companies for contracting and modern industries.

With the company’s specialization in executing complex projects and high-end commercial projects, we equally aligned our equipment with the company’s goals. With that being the case, we supported with the project with two of our 25-ton cranes, but we didn’t just stop at that.

Over and above that, we locally produced an exceptionally huge 40-ton, superb span 30m gantry crane for the project at our factory to cater to our clients’ aspirations rather than limiting ourselves to outsourcing a ready-made crane.

The outcome was a milestone for the company – a crane that’s capable of efficiently lifting the heaviest loads and facilitating a broad range of applications.

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Happening Now (June 2021)


One of the private companies for contracting and modern industries

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