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Our factory has employees of the best highest qualified and experienced technicians in the country.

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Test Facility

MISR is the first crane company in Egypt to design and manufacture its own test facility which can occupy loads up to 313 ton. It can be adjusted to fold up to a third of its size, therefore occupying 375 ton.

Fashion 2


These loads were designed initially for our biggest project that is currently being executed "El-Burullus Power Plant". We have installed 20 cranes (8x12.5 ton, 4x10 ton, 4x140 ton & 4x200 ton)..


FACTORY: PCE NO.10 BLOCK NO.20021- EL OBOUR CITY HEAD OFFICE: 403 RAMSES ST. ABBASSIA, CAIRO, EGYPT PHONE: (+202) 44893005 FAX: (+202) 44893004 / (+202) 44893213 / (+202) 44893014 MOBILE: (+2) 01283611665 EMAIL: MISR@MISRENG.NET / MISRENG.INFO@GMAIL.COM


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